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What is CCP Paws?

We are a company of dog lovers. Pure and simple. Several years ago, we realized that almost every employee at CCP owned at least one dog, and most of these dogs were rescued or adopted from shelters. Sharing dog pictures and stories with our co-workers, we began to recognize that our dogs connect us fundamentally. They ground us with responsibility and give us a feeling of home. Like multitudes of Long Islanders, we share an intense desire to help the most unfortunate dogs in our communities who found themselves homeless and living in cages in shelters. We decided to create CCP Paws and start making a difference for the most vulnerable dogs in our local shelters.

Blanket Drive

CCP Paws believes that Shelter dogs must have the simple comfort of a warm blanket to cuddle up with. CCP has pledged to donate one blanket for every person who tags us in a post of their most special canine friend!

Adoption Sponsorship

CCP Paws’ primary mission is to help dogs who have a harder time getting adopted due to their being a few years older.



CCP Employees & Pets

Jessie, Director of Operations and Gamble

Meet Jessie, Director of Operations. Her ultimate goal is to make sure that every CCP customer receives the very best customer experience. An avid rescue dog lover, she enjoys weekend getaways with her rescue dog Gamble.

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