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Put an end to your paper trail with digital document management

Is your company devoting significant time and resources to managing inefficient paper-based systems? Then it's time to consider digital document management. This comprehensive system captures all those paper-based documents and transforms them into digitized information that all members of your company can access whenever they need it – revolutionizing your workflow and business process.

Advantages for your business:

  • Capture, manage, store and track all types of documents in one system
  • No more lost documents
  • Access and edit documents from anywhere, anytime
  • Significant cost savings through increased efficiency
  • Make better business decisions


Turn hard copies into usable, editable content

CCP Solutions streamlines your business processes with DMConnect, an advanced capture, distribution and workflow solution.

Scan and capture through advanced OCR

Optical character recognition enables the automatic capture of documents and information directly from your multi-function printer, as well as e-mail and digital sources.

Save significant time

Form recognition can extract a large amount of data from a document with little or no human input, saving time and speeding document processing.

Seamless content routing

Once a document has been captured and indexed, intelligent routing can automatically send it directly to online storage, cloud or ECM solution.


User-friendly solution to reduce waste and prevent data leakage

Printing can be one of the most costly functions in your organization – needlessly. CCP Solutions offers MyQ, a server-based business application that provides a new level of cost control and security.

More visibility to control cost

Through a simple dashboard, administrators are able to see who's printing the most and at what cost, allowing them to control the overall output and get detailed reports. Set policies to encourage black and white and duplex printing to reduce waste.

More security

MyQ helps prevent misuse or misplacement of sensitive and secure data. Documents are sent to the printer via encrypted communications, remain in the system, and can be securely printed from any device.

Easy to use

Users can access their account with their web browser and keep an overview of their personal printing jobs. In addition, users are able to print from any device, including their own, without having to locate drivers or figure out complex controls.

Additional CCP Document Solutions include:

OnBase Connector

This sophisticated solution for large enterprise organizations centralizes important content in one secure location. It provides the ability to scan, index and route documents into Hyland Software’s OnBase 13 application directly from a Kyocera multi-function printer.


Designed for small to midsize companies, OmniWorx enables businesses that spend too much time moving documents to do so in a more simplified and secure platform. It comes preconfigured with workflows specifically for Human Resources, Accounts Payable & Receivable and Contract Management.
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